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Fourier Analysis and Its Applications
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Part I: Chemical, Physical and Biomedical Applications

Herbert Hauptman
Medical Foundation of Buffalo
A Minimal Principle in the Direct Methods of X-Ray Crystallography

D. N. Kennedy, P. A. Filipek and V. S. Caviness
Massachusetts General Hospital
Fourier Shape Analysis of Anatomic Structures

Ketill Ingolfsson
University of Iceland
Harmonic Analysis of the Semi-Classical Limit

Mikhail Kovalyov
University of Alberta
Fourier Analysis on the non-Euclidean Manifolds and its Applications in Nuclear Physics

Mazhar Ünsal
University of Gaziantep
Complex Finite Fourier Transform Techniques Applied to Thermal Energy Storage Problems

A. Jakimovski
Tel-Aviv University
Spline Interpolation of Data of Power Growth

Part II: Polynomials with Restricted Coefficients

Donald Newman and André Giroux
Temple University and Prometheus Inc.; University of Montreal and Prometheus Inc.
Properties on the Unit Circle of Polynomials with Unimodular Coefficients

George Benke
MITRE Corporation
On the Maximum Modulus for a Certain Class of Unimodular Trigonometric Polynomials

M.R. Schroeder
Universität Göttingen
Number Theory and Fourier Analysis Applications in Physics, Acoustics and Computer Science

Göran Björck
University of Stockholm
Functions of Modulus 1 on Z_n Whose Fourier Transforms Have Constant Modulus
Cyclic n-Roots

Part III: Fourier Analysis in Engineering

John Benedetto
University of Maryland and Prometheus Inc.
Uncertainty Principle Inequalities and Spectrum Estimation

Yingbo Hua, Tapan K. Sarkar and Fengdo Hu
Syracuse University
The Generalized Pencil-of-Function Method for Extracting Poles from Transient Responses

Saila Ponnapalli, Tapan K. Sarkar and Ercument Arvas
Syracuse University
Application of Conjugate Gradient Method and FFT to Electromagnetics and Signal Processing Problems

K. Van't Klooster
FFT Applications in Antenna Measurements

Richard Tolimieri
City University of New York
Nonabelian Harmonic Analysis and Wavelet Theory

Karlheinz Gröchenig
University of Connecticut
A New Approach to Irregular Sampling of Band--Limited Functions

Önder Tüzünalp
Ankara University
Auto-Cross Correlation Functions of the Even and the Odd Parts of Fourier Series

Anton G. Tijhuis
Delft University of Technology
Fourier Methods Applicable in the Numerical Solution of Electromagnetic Time-Domain Scattering Problems

N.K. Artémiadis
University of Crete
Absolutely Convergent Fourier Series of Distributions

Richard Roy
Stanford University and Prometheus Inc.
Invariance Techniques in Spectral Estimation and Signal Processing

Roy Brown
Queen Mary College
Fourier Analysis in Reflector Antenna Synthesis

Athanasios Papoulis
Polytechnic University of New York
Bispectra and System Identification

Adrianus T. de Hoop and Sÿtze M. de Vries
Delft University of Technology
Combined Laplace and Fourier Transformations in the Theory of Transient Wave Propagation in Layered Media

Hans G. Feichtinger
University of Vienna
Coherent Frames and Irregular Sampling

Chris Heil and David Walnut
MITRE Corporation and Yale University
Gabor and Wavelet Expansions

W. R. Madych
University of Connecticut
Translation Invariant Multiscale Analysis

Joseph Lahr
Institut Supérieur de Technologie, Luxembourg
High-Resolution Spectral Analysis Using Recurrence Relations

Maurice Dodson
University of York
Diophantine Inequalities and Sampling Rates for Multiband Signals

A. L. Cullen
University College London
Second-Harmonic Effects in Schottky-Barrier Diodes

Walter Schempp
Universität Siegen
Holographic Image Coding and Neurocomputer Architectures

Part IV: Complex Analysis and Fourier Analysis

H.S. Shapiro
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and Prometheus Inc
A Weighted L^1 Estimate for the Laplace Operator

C. Carton-Lebrun and H. P. Heinig
University of Mons and McMaster University
Weighted Extensions of Restriction Theorems for the Fourier Transform

W.K. Hayman
University of York
Positive Bases for Continuous Functions

Ward R. Evans
MITRE Corporation
The Wiener-Plancherel Theorem on R^n

J. G. Clunie
University of York
Successive Derivatives of Analytic Functions

Ron C. Blei
University of Connecticut
Combinatorial Dimension and Measurements of Interdependencies

A. Turan Gürkanli
Ondokuz Mavis University
Comparison of Spectras in some Functional Spaces

C. Karanikas
University of Thessaloniki
On a Class of Riesz Products on Metrizable Groups

K. Seitz
Technical University of Budapest
Groupoids and Fourier Approximations