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Wavelets and their Applications
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John J. Benedetto
University of Maryland
Wavelets and irregular sampling

Bernhard Claus
Multiscale statistical sampling: Isotropic processes on a homogeneous tree

David Donoho
University of California-Berkeley
Nonlinear wavelet methods for recovering signals and images from indirect, incomplete, noisy data

Marie Farge
Ecole Normale Superieure
Coherent structures analysis and extraction using wavelets

Patrick Flandrin
Time-scale analyses and self-similar random processes

Stephane Jaffard
Ecole des Ponts et Chausées
Regularity analysis of functions and random processes using wavelets

A.J.E.M. Janssen
Philips Research Laboratories
Positivity and spread of bilinear time-frequency distributions

Björn Jawerth
University of South Carolina
Wavelets and partial differential equations

Joseph Segman
University of Siegen
Analog VLSI network models and cortical linking neural network models

Richard Tolimieri
Aware Inc.
Problems in Gabor Representation

Guido Weiss
Washington University
Adapted waveform analysis, wavelet-packets and trigonometric waveforms

Victor Wickerhauser
Washington University
Improved predictability of two-dimensional turbulent flows using wavelet packet compression

Joshua Zeevi
A wavelet-type approach to image analysis and vision