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Signal Processing for Multimedia
Related Meetings

Signal processing for multimedia is an extremely active field of research, evidenced by a host of research conferences and meetings. Following the links below, you can find information about a selection of such meetings ordered by date.
26 - 28 May 1998
3rd European Conference on Multimedia Applications, Services and Techniques, Berlin, Germany.
30 June - 3 July 1998
International Conference on Digital Signal Processing and its Applications,
Moscow, Russia.
1 - 12 July, 1998
NATO ASI on Computational Hearing.
NOTE: This ASI takes place at the same venue as the Multimedia ASI, at Il Ciocco, Italy.
5 - 18 July 1998

NATO ASI on Signal Processing for Multimedia,
Il Ciocco, Tuscany, Italy.
21 - 24 July 1998
INET'98 Internet Conference,
Geneva, Switzerland.
7 - 9 December 1998
1998 Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing,
Los Angeles, California, USA.

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