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Signal Processing for Multimedia
Lecturers and Topics

Les Atlas
University of Washington
Representing variations in acoustic signals for military and speech applications
[Download Paper (143KB)] [Abstract]

John Benedetto
University of Maryland
Mathematics for multimedia signal processing, I
[Download Paper (348KB)] [Abstract]

Jan Biemond
Delft University of Technology
Video processing
[Download Paper (492KB)] [Abstract]

Ezio Biglieri
Politecnico di Torino
Digital communication over the wireless channel, today and tomorrow
[Download Paper (145KB)] [Abstract]

Jim Byrnes
Prometheus Inc. and University of Massachusetts/Boston
Energy spreading transforms for robust data compression and transmission

Michele Covell
Interval Research Corp., Palo Alto, California
Modification of Audible and Visual Speech
[Download Paper (282KB)] [Abstract]

Pierre Duhamel
ENST, France
Joint source-channel coding

Paulo Ferreira
Universidade de Aveiro
Mathematics for multimedia signal processing, II
[Download Paper (180KB)] [Abstract]

Interpolation methods applied to telecommunication problems

Stephane Jaffard
University of Paris XII
Analysis of multifractal signals
[Download Paper (185KB)] [Abstract]

Vasilis Mertzios
Democritus University of Thrace
Pattern recognition
Pattern recognition applications in multimedia systems
[Download Paper (190KB)] [Abstract]

Peter Noll
Technische Universitaet Berlin
Wideband audio
[Download Paper (186KB)] [Abstract]

Tor Ramstad
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Robust image and video communication for mobile multimedia
Mobile multimedia
[Download Paper (430KB)] [Abstract]

Manfred Schroeder
Universitaet Goettingen
Speech processing
[Download Paper (43KB)] [Abstract]

Thomas Sikora
Heinrich Hertz Institut
Standards for multimedia
[Download Paper (1.4MB)] [Abstract]

Andy Tescher
Lockheed Martin
An overview of signal processing for multimedia, from the past to the future
[Download Paper (449KB)] [Abstract]

Bruno Torresani
Centre de Physique Theorique, Marseille
Time-frequency and time-scale transforms
[Download Paper (1023KB)] [Abstract]

Fred Williams
Williams and Associates
Intellectual property protection for multimedia
[Download Paper (80KB)] [Abstract]

Josh Zeevi
Technion, Haifa
Multispectral imaging

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