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Unexploded Ordnance Detection and Mitigation
20 July--2 August 2008, Il Ciocco, Italy
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How to apply?
Both to participate and to request financial support, you must apply to the Director, Jim Byrnes, via email: (please send unencoded plain text email only, no Microsoft Word or other attachments, no HTML or RTF formatting; nonconforming emails will be ignored).
What to send?
There are two possibilities based on your situation:
  1. If one of the lecturers knows you, (see the lecture schedule) please ask them to write a very brief recommendation and email it to the Director.

  2. If none of the lecturers knows you, please email to the Director:
    • a one-paragraph description of yourself,
    • a one-paragraph explanation of why you would like to attend,
    • a statement that you intend to participate for the full two weeks,
If you would like to be considered for a poster session presentation, please send a proposed title and a brief abstract.
By when to send it?
Send applications to participate and for financial aid as well as particulars of proposed poster session presentations by 30 April 2008.
When will you know?
We will email our decisions to you by 1 May 2008.
We are obliged to inform you that NATO does not take out any health or accident insurance for your participation in the meeting; such insurance is an individual responsibility.
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