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Unexploded Ordnance Detection and Mitigation
20 July--2 August 2008, Il Ciocco, Italy
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Alaoui, I.
Cadi Ayyad University
Applications of Luminescence to Fingerprints and Explosive Detection
Baker, C.
University College London
Knowledge Based Diversity Processing
D'Amico, A.
Universita di Roma
Anomalous Volatile Compound Detection by IR Acoustooptical Detectors
Daniels, D.
ERA Technology
Ground Penetrating Radar for Buried Landmine and IED Detection
Delic, H.
Bogazici University
Signal Processing for UXO Detection
Dyer, J.
iRobot Corporation
Mobile Robots - Changing the Way We Fight and the Way We Live
Griffiths, H.
Defence Academy of the UK
Low Frequency Radar for Buried Target Detection
Jaffard, S.
Universite Paris 12
A Multifractal Approach to Detection and Identification
Kabakchiev, H.
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Multi-Sensor Detection and Estimation Systems
Klasen, L.
Linkoping University
Advanced Multifunctional Sensor Systems
Kuznyetsov, V.
Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Environmental Problems
Environmental Aspects of UXO Mitigation and Detection
O'Neill, K.
Dartmouth College
Landmine Detection in the U.S. Army
Pedrazzini, F.
Director NATO ASI Programme
New Features of the Security Through Science Programme
Pochanin, G.
National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine
Some Advances in UWB GPR
Pokrovskiy, O.
Main Geophysical Observatory, St. Petersburg
An Operational Research Approach to Decision Making
Sorel, M.
Czech Academy of Sciences
Recent Advances in Space-variant Deblurring and Image Stabilization
Sullivan, E.
Prometheus Inc.
Automatic UXO Detection Using Sonar
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