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Unexploded Ordnance Detection and Mitigation
20 July--2 August 2008, Il Ciocco, Italy
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There is a coffee break midway in each three-hour lecture.
Monday, July 21
Week I
08:45-09:00 Jim Byrnes
Prometheus Inc.
Brief opening remarks
09:00-12:00 Chris Baker
University College London
Knowledge Based Diversity Processing
14:30-17:30 Hugh Griffiths
Defence Academy of the UK
Low Frequency Radar for Buried Target Detection
[PDF paper]
19:30-20:00 Welcome Reception
Main Terrace
Tuesday, July 22
10:45-12:00 Gennadiy Pochanin
National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine
Some Advances in UWB GPR
[PDF paper]
14:30-17:30 Lena Klasen
Linkoping University
Advanced Multifunctional Sensor Systems
[PDF paper]
Wednesday, July 23
09:00-12:00 Ed Sullivan
Prometheus Inc.
Automatic UXO Detection Using Sonar
[PDF paper]
14:30-17:30 Hristo Kabakchiev
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Multi-Sensor Detection and Estimation Systems
[PDF paper]
Thursday, July 24
09:00-12:00 Poster Session
Contributed papers
14:30-17:30 Michal Sorel
Czech Academy of Sciences
Recent Advances in Space-variant Deblurring and Image Stabilization
[PDF paper]
Friday, July 25
09:00-12:00 Joe Dyer
iRobot Corporation
Mobile Robots - Changing the Way We Fight and the Way We Live
[PDF paper]
14:30-17:30 Kevin O'Neill
Dartmouth College
UXO Discrimination
[PDF paper]
Weekend Trips to Florence and Siena
Monday, July 28
Week II
09:00-12:00 Group Discussions
Breakout sessions
14:30-17:30 Arnaldo D'Amico
Universita di Roma
Anomalous Volatile Compound Detection by IR Acoustooptical Detectors
[PDF paper]
Tuesday, July 29
09:00-12:00 Poster Session
Contributed papers
14:30-17:30 Stephane Jaffard
Universite Paris 12
A Multifractal Approach to Detection and Identification
[PDF paper]
Wednesday, July 30
09:00-12:00 Hakan Delic
Bogazici University
Signal Processing for UXO Detection
[PDF paper]
14:30-15:45 Ali Ismet Kanli
Istanbul University
Geophysical Applications in UXO Detection
16:15-17:30 Oleg Pokrovskiy
Main Geophysical Observatory, St. Petersburg
An Operational Research Approach to Decision Making
[PDF paper]
Thursday, July 31
09:00-10:15 David Daniels
ERA Technology
Ground Penetrating Radar for Buried Landmine and IED Detection
[PDF paper]
10:45-12:00 Fausto Pedrazzini
Director NATO ASI Programme
New Features of the Security Through Science Programme
14:30-15:45 Volodymyr Kuznyetsov
Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Environmental Problems
Environmental Aspects of UXO Mitigation and Detection
[PDF paper]
16:15-17:30 Ismail Alaoui
Cadi Ayyad University
Applications of Luminescence to Fingerprints and Explosive Detection
[PDF paper]
Friday, August 1
09:00-10:15 Jennifer McKee
Navy EOD Technology Division
EOD Acquisition and Technology Overview
10:45-12:00 Fedor Podgornov
South Ural State University
Image Polarimetry for Target Detection
14:30-15:45 Jim Byrnes
Prometheus Inc.
Feature Based Pattern Recognition
16:15-17:30 Marcia Byrnes and Hermann Spitzer
Il Ciocco Promotions :-)
Imaging at Il Ciocco
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